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In late 1984 and early 1985 David (deceased 2012) and Janet (deceased 2016) Boult, keen Hartley TS16 Sailors from Norther Sydney and long-time members of the NSW Hartley TS16 Association and Bayview Yacht Racing Association decided to take it upon themselves to collect the verbal histories from the founders of the Trailer Sailer association of Australia.

David a true gentleman, first went through all the NSW documents and then through records of membership and race results tracked down the original founders.   David and Janet then met with a number of these people. They Included;

  • George and Betty Hearne; member # 1 founders of the Association and owner of the first registered boat “Viking” boat number 1
  • Les Irwin; member # 2  Boat builder and builder of 13 boats
  • Ron Dunphy; member # 3, skilled photographer and contacts with boating magazines to promote the class
  • Bob Martin, member # 4
  • Arthur Curby; member # 10, builder of 4 boats
  • John Griffin: member # 13, boat builder and builder of the first registered boat “Viking” builder who supported the owner builder concept by giving assistant to those who needed it a produced the first measurement form. Author of the one class measurement form
  • John and Ilene Gordon, member # 89
  • Alan and Janet Jones member # 1170

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Alan Scott

President NSW Hartley TS16 Association