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15 January 2017


New Constitution: Final Version

THE HARTLEY TRAILER SAILER 16 ASSOCIATION of AUSTRALIA Inc. Constitution is registered with the N.S.W. Department of Fair Trading who have made the following recommendation to our Association to revise our Constitution to bring it in line with the latest version of their plain English “Model Constitution”. Based on this recommendation the Australian TS16 Committee of Management have now drafted a revised Australian TS16 Constitution for consideration by the members of the Association.

Our current Constitution comprises rules that are required by law to be included plus Special Sailing Rules and Special Measurement Rules and other documents that our Association believe are necessary. However, these Special Rules that are specific to our Association do not need to be embedded within the Constitution because Fair Trading is only interested in the rules that are required to be included by law.

So we have decided to transfer the Special Rules without any alteration from within our current Constitution into a separate document to be headed “By-laws”, which will be in turn referenced in the new Constitution.

The “By-law” Document will have sections 1, 2 & 3

  1. The Special Measurement and Special Sailing Rules that require a 75% majority vote.
  2. Other rules that only require a majority vot
  3. Rules made by the Committee of Management e.g. membership form and postal vote form

Under By- law Section 2. Membership

We have a proposed change to the eligibility for nomination of Life Members  

“(a) Any person who has rendered outstanding service to the association, and has completed no less than ten years membership, with a minimum of five years in office at National or State level may be nominated for Life Membership.

(b) The nominee must be a current Financial Member

(c) Total number of Life Members must not exceed 5% of the total membership **

** This proposed change will not have any effect on status of our existing Life Members.  

We most certainly acknowledge the work and dedication of our current Life Members who have provided to the successful operation our Association over so many years. However, with our membership now having fallen to 177 including Life Members we now believe that the nomination of life members needs to be limited in the future.

The proposed Constitution & By-law Documents plus a copy of the Department of Fair Trading’s “Model Constitution” in red are now available for your perusal on the Hartley TS16 website,  to allow you to compare our proposed new Constitution with the “Model Constitution”

Please send any comments to the Secretary by 28th February 2017 - Stating name & membership No. (or address)

Any comments will be considered by the Committee and then the FINAL version of the Constitution and By-Laws will be posted onto the website on 30th April 2017.

These documents will then be voted on as a Motion at the June AGM – when you will be asked for a YES or NO vote - no amendments to the FINAL version will be accepted.

Yours faithfully,

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