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Correspondence to Peter Behr 50 Menzies Rd. Marsfield N.S.W. 2122

Notice is hereby given that the 2017 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will commence at 2.00 pm Eastern Standard Time, on Saturday 17th June 2017 via a teleconference at the locations specified in the table below.

The Agenda, Postal Voting & Appointment of Proxy forms are enclosed and last year’s AGM minutes can be obtained from your State Secretary

The meeting will be chaired by President Gillian Horvath

Telephone hook-up venues in other States are as follows:


Drummoyne Sailing Club

St Georges Cres Drummoyne

mob 0434 332 138


Albert Sailing Club

Aquatic Drive, South Melbourne

mob 0409 532 565


c/o Andrew Doyle


mob 0429593367



Last minute changes to venues can be seen at Australian website

If you cannot personally attend the meeting you may cast your vote by posting the attached Postal Voting Form to the National Secretary (and no other person) so that he receives it by the last mail before the Meeting (see above address). 

Alternatively, you may appoint a proxy by filling out the Proxy Form and sending it to the National Secretary or your State Secretary such that it is received at least 24 hours before the Meeting. Make sure your appointed proxy is going to the meeting and does not hold more than five proxies in total.

Do not send postal votes or proxy forms to anyone other than the persons stated above.  These forms can also be downloaded from the Australian TS16 website under Association/Documents

Questions on all reports must be kept to a general nature at the meeting. Detailed specific questions on individual financial items in the Treasurer’s Report will only be answered at the meeting if the Treasurer receives the question in writing, one week prior to the meeting at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a copy of the Treasurers report can be downloaded from the official website.  If the question asked at the meeting requires a detailed and involved answer it will not be answered at the meeting, rather a personal written reply to the question will be sent to the individual asking the question.

Peter Behr

National Secretary