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Renewal of membership

To renew your membership, you can either respond to the renewal notice that comes out at the end of April or beginning of May each year or you can renew online between May and October of each calendar year. 

New Membership

There are two ways to join the Australian Association and your local State Association. They are outlined in more detail below. The cost of new membership is $65 made up of a $10 joining fee and the normal annual membership fee of $55. 

Hartley TS 16 Plans and Membership

The Hartley TS 16 is one of the few boats you can still build yourself in your garage.  It was actually designed to fit inside the 1960s Karachi which at times 2.2 m. Today’s grudges might be a little smaller and so a bit more problematic but it still one of the cheapest options to build a boat that everyone can sailing.