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Hartley TS 16 Plans and Membership

The Hartley TS 16 is one of the few boats you can still build yourself in your garage.  It was actually designed to fit inside the 1960s Karachi which at times 2.2 m. Today’s grudges might be a little smaller and so a bit more problematic but it still one of the cheapest options to build a boat that everyone can sailing. 

The original product plywood was cheap in the 1960s but today cause of other products being used marine plies actually become quite expensive. Around 15 years ago the cost of parts and materials was calculated to be around $15,000.  Of course this is using brand-new parts at retail prices and they probably would have gone up at least 20% since then.  This price will obviously vary depending on the nature of the products and how much wastage occurs when building various wooden frames, chines, panels and major components.

More recently a foam sandwich mail mould boat has been built and while it actually cost the same as the materials for a plywood boat this methodology of build was a lot quicker than the plywood version.  One of our members is able to successfully build complete fibreglass boat that was competitive in racing within six weeks.  It was still built the current plans purchased through the Australian Association and supplied by the current copyright holder Brocks boats of New Zealand.

The price of the plans is $150 for this you receive;

  • official number of plans from Brooks boats
  • Building Guide
  • Rigging Guide
  • Tune and Trim
  • Flotation Information
  • one year’s membership of the association
  • bumper stickers

Methods of Purchase

Online Purchase

Australia Post

An online form has been created so that people can fill in all the relevant fields and then this application will be directly mailed to the Registrar of the Association


There is no obligation to pay online using this method.  You can still apply online and then choose whether to pay via credit card on the PayPal site or pay by cheque.

A paper version of the online form can be downloaded from the website completed by hand and then mailed via Australia Post with the check $150


Check payee; The Hartley TS 16 Association of Australia


Postal address’

the Treasurer

74’s boring Avenue Kings Langley, 2147 NSW