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I am often asked, by prospective TS16 owners, what to look out for when buying a boat. Therefore, to help fill space in Tillerscope, I have decided to write down some of my replies and thoughts on the subject.    READ MORE

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Caveat emptor- buyer beware

The Hartley TS 16 Association of Australia and all its subsidiaries warn buyers that the information contained in the items for sale on the site may not be complete and that no warranty or guarantees are associated with these items. Hence, the association and its subsidiaries cannot be held liable for any faults or damages that may be present in the item after sale.

Placing an Add

To advertise your boat on this page create an email containing;

  • Boat Name & Number
  • At least two current boat picures (any size)
  • Description of boat condition or changes
  • List of all equipment included e.g. motors, trailers, sails, equipment
  • Sale price
  • Contact details

then send the email to Alan Scott or ring me on 0434332138