The Official Website Pulbah Island Marathon

Saturday 3rd February 2018

 Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club Pulbah Island Marathon

Launching – at Speers Point ASC clubhouse ramps

Briefing- 10.30am at clubhouse

Start  11:00  ( Main fleets has a staggered start between noon and 1pm) off SPASC

To Bring – Motor and fuel ( if you have one), Anchoring gear, mobile phone, food and water.

We will be sailing a course prescribed by SPASC, who will set marks and provide support boats, but I intend boats to be self sufficent on the water. The course may take up to 5 hours or more to complete (depending on conditions), and will finish at its starting point. Please contact me if you need any further information.


  1. All competitors must formally enter so that an exact list of boats can be compiled.
  1. All gates must be passed through. Boats will be checked off at each gate. If retiring let the nearest gate know.
  1. Where possible, carry a mobile phone with the SPASC phone number.
  1. Carry sufficient water for at least four hours.
  1. Shortened course will be at one of the gates. Then proceed through gate 5 and to the finish line.
  1. All Support boats must carry a SPASC rounding mark with a suitable length anchor rope to act as rounding mark in case the support boat is called away.

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