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New Membership

There are two ways to join the Australian Association and your local State Association. They are outlined in more detail below. The cost of new membership is $65 made up of a $10 joining fee and the normal annual membership fee of $55. 

This amount can either be paid by;

  • personal check or money order
  • credit card payment online through the website
  • direct deposit after it specific request via email


Online Application and Payment

Australia Post & Personal check

To apply online just click on the buttons below can fill out a web form that will be emailed to the registrar with all your details. At the end of this form you will have the option of paying via credit card on the PayPal site.

The paper form can be downloaded by clicking on the below link and printing it out and fill it in by hand.  Thank then can be mailed via Australia Post to the below address to;


The Registrar

Hartley TS 16 Association of Australia
74’s boring Avenue, Kings Langley
2147  NSW